WCES Families…

Make a Reservation for WCES Lunch!  These are new guidelines for eating with your child for lunch!

At WCES, we feel that socializing and interacting with peers for students is just as important as academics. It is part of the growing up and the learning process. When students can socialize, they learn to set boundaries, problem-solve with their peers, and understand each other on a consistent basis. We want our students to grow, mature, and build friendships through the opportunity for socializing with peers, and this is provided through structured and non-structured activities. Lunch time in the cafeteria is one of the only non-structured times of your child’s school day.

With that being said, you are welcome to have lunch with your child(children) and allow them the benefit of social interactions with their classmates to grow as a whole child.

The Reservation Guidelines…

  1. Lunch with your child is by RESERVATION ONLY! There will be NO drop-ins for lunch.  Please fill out the link to reserve your space…


  1. Reservations will ONLY be taken for the current month.
  2. Please RSVP by at least by 9:00 a.m. on the day of the lunch.
  3. There are 4 picnic tables outside to eat with ONLY your child. We are very limited with seating.
  4. There are no standing reservations.
  5. Make it special: There will only be one reservation per month per parent.


Thank you for helping us with this initiative!