Amanda Brown
Liz Brown
Ivette Barrios
Michele Noland
Kay Spitler– Instructional Assistant
First Grade-Bobcats
Sharon Ambler
Veronica Acosta
Mary Jeffries
Julie Walford
Kristin Crocitto
Second Grade-Cheetahs
Julie Hoffman
Gayle Forrester
Wanda Colon
Nancy Boyette
Ferne Braband
Amal Muhammad
Carol Daubney – Instructional Assistant
Third Grade-Cougars
Laurie Mullinax
Lisa Mazza
Monica Marlette
Julie Sorrentino
Kimberly Mahoney – Gifted
Janet Heyman – Gifted
Sharon Thomas– Instructional Assistant
Fourth Grade-Panthers
Laurie Bazick
Tekia Hawk
Rebecca Bishop
Larisa Kirkwood – Gifted
Iris Barcelona – Gifted
Fifth Grade-Jaguars
Ashley Luna
Shannon Beckmann
Kathleen Lawless
Jacqueline Costin– Gifted
Kelly Agrue– Gifted
Linda Dinsdale-Mahota – Instructional Assistant
Pumas (Gifted Program)
Janet Heyman – 3rd ELA
Kimberly Mahoney – 3rd STEM
Larisa Kirkwood – 4th ELA
Iris Barcelona – 4th STEM
Jacqueline Costin – 5th ELA
Kelly Agrue – 5th STEM
Snow Cats (EBD Unit)
Erica Cabrera Behavior Specialist
Brianna Rose – SBP Social Worker
Valerie Inglese (Primary)
David Hanseter (Primary)
Vince Losey (Intermediate)
Stephanie Hardy (Intermediate)
Nur Nazmurreza
– Instructional Assistant
Beatriz Padilla– Instructional Assistant
Shelby Gude– Instructional Assistant
Rebecca Haynes-
Instructional Assistant
Renee Joyner
– Instructional Assistant
Rebecca Sharp– Instructional Assistant
Instructional Support Services
Diane Landry  – Learning Design Coach
James McQueen – Resource Management Assistant
Erica Holbrook – Speech Pathologist
Ashlyn Copeland – ESE Support
Annabella Tharp – ESE Support
Suzanne McCoy – ESE Support
Marianna Nercesian – ESE Support
Gilena GonzalezESOL Support
Special Area Instructors
Robert Massicotte   – Music
Danielle Provemzano – Music
Latarsha Harris – Art
Allison Cuedek – Art
Jim Timpone – P.E.
Tim Edmeads– P.E.
Student Services
Jennifer Asaro – School Counselor
Brittany Bayliss – Social Worker
Lauren Moore, RN – Registered Nurse
Lisa Scott – School Psychologist
Kim Ogden-Beanne – CRT
Stanley Mykita – Principal
Elizabeth Purcell – Assistant Principal
Jennifer Asaro – Guidance
Lisettea Jones – Clinic Assistant
Makayla Wilson Data Entry
Carina Ruberia-Roche – Guidance Secretary
Tanya Hamilton – Principal’s Secretary
Beth Kurland – Book Keeping
Allyson Musser – BCE Student
Marc Geneux – Plant Manager
Andres Ruiz – Asst. Plant Manager
Tim Dudley – Grounds Custodian
Louise Labrecque
Gus Lopez
Enrique Cruz
Elroy Stanton
Food and Nutrition
Esteban Juarez – Manager
Rita Fleming – Production Assistant
Michelle Youst – FNS Assistant 
Samira Moslih – FNS Assistant
Pasco Learning and Activity Centers of Enrichment (PLACE)
TBA – Site Manager
Carol DonaldAsst. Site Manager
Alysha Rice
Sandra McNabb