UPDATE - Schools closed for students through May 1.  School will resume virtually for students on Tuesday, March 31. Please visit our new coronavirus website for additional information.


Amanda Brown
Liz Brown
Ivette Barrios
Michele Noland
Kay Spitler– Instructional Assistant
First Grade-Bobcats
Sharon Ambler
Veronica Acosta
Mary Jeffries
Julie Walford
Kristin Crocitto
Second Grade-Cheetahs
Julie Hoffman
Gayle Forrester
Wanda Colon
Nancy Boyette
Ferne Braband
Amal Muhammad
Carol Daubney – Instructional Assistant
Third Grade-Cougars
Laurie Mullinax
Lisa Mazza
Monica Marlette
Julie Sorrentino
Kimberly Mahoney – Gifted
Janet Heyman – Gifted
Sharon Thomas– Instructional Assistant
Fourth Grade-Panthers
Laurie Bazick
Tekia Hawk
Rebecca Bishop
Larisa Kirkwood – Gifted
Iris Barcelona – Gifted
Fifth Grade-Jaguars
Ashley Luna
Shannon Beckmann
Kathleen Lawless
Jacqueline Costin– Gifted
Kelly Agrue– Gifted
Linda Dinsdale-Mahota – Instructional Assistant
Pumas (Gifted Program)
Janet Heyman – 3rd ELA
Kimberly Mahoney – 3rd STEM
Larisa Kirkwood – 4th ELA
Iris Barcelona – 4th STEM
Jacqueline Costin – 5th ELA
Kelly Agrue – 5th STEM
Snow Cats (EBD Unit)
Erica Cabrera Behavior Specialist
Brianna Rose – SBP Social Worker
Valerie Inglese (Primary)
David Hanseter (Primary)
Vince Losey (Intermediate)
Stephanie Hardy (Intermediate)
Nur Nazmurreza
– Instructional Assistant
Beatriz Padilla– Instructional Assistant
Shelby Gude– Instructional Assistant
Rebecca Haynes-
Instructional Assistant
Renee Joyner
– Instructional Assistant
Rebecca Sharp– Instructional Assistant
Instructional Support Services
Diane Landry  – Learning Design Coach
James McQueen – Resource Management Assistant
Erica Holbrook – Speech Pathologist
Ashlyn Copeland – ESE Support
Annabella Tharp – ESE Support
Suzanne McCoy – ESE Support
Marianna Nercesian – ESE Support
Gilena GonzalezESOL Support
Special Area Instructors
Evelyn Hernandez   – Music
Danielle Provemzano – Music
Latarsha Harris – Art
Allison Cuedek – Art
Jim Timpone – P.E.
Tim Edmeads– P.E.
Student Services
Jennifer Asaro – School Counselor
Brittany Bayliss – Social Worker
Lauren Moore, RN – Registered Nurse
Lisa Scott – School Psychologist
Kim Ogden-Beanne – CRT
Stanley Mykita – Principal
Elizabeth Purcell – Assistant Principal
Jennifer Asaro – Guidance
Lisettea Jones – Clinic Assistant
Makayla Wilson-Bahr Data Entry
Carina Ruberia-Roche – Guidance Secretary
Tanya Hamilton – Principal’s Secretary
Beth Kurland – Book Keeping
Allyson Musser – BCE Student
Marc Geneux – Plant Manager
Andres Ruiz – Asst. Plant Manager
Tim Dudley – Grounds Custodian
Louise Labrecque
Gus Lopez
Enrique Cruz
Elroy Stanton
Food and Nutrition
Esteban Juarez – Manager
Rita Fleming – Production Assistant
Michelle Youst – FNS Assistant 
Samira Moslih – FNS Assistant
Pasco Learning and Activity Centers of Enrichment (PLACE)
TBA – Site Manager
Carol DonaldAsst. Site Manager
Alysha Rice
Sandra McNabb